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Facial & Body Treatments

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Detox 

Feel calm, grounded, & more balanced

Reduces emotional stress, re-invigorate tired feet & legs & lessen the pain from arthritic conditions

Himalayan Salt has antibacterial and anti fungal properties and contains over 80 minerals. These beneficial minerals are absorbed into the body through your skin helping you release toxins and improve healthy functioning of the body at a cellular level. When warmed the dome emits negative ions delivering a myriad of health benefits. The effect is a profound sense of well-being. Himalayan salt stone can also zero out the body's electromagnetic field. Electronic devices such as phones and computers can disrupt natural energy flow within the body. The stone's neutral structure and natural resonant frequency help realign energy pathways and restore balance to the central nervous system.


Elemental Nature Spa Facial- $80

A customized facial based on your skin's specific needs. These needs are revealed by a thorough consultation and Aveda's signature Elemental Nature questionnaire. With dry, sensitive, or oily skin, you'll experience a truly personalized treatment for your skin.

Firming Facial Skin Renewing Treatment - $100

Unique, rejuvenating manipulations enhance the powerful plant technology of Aveda system, which is clinically proven to lift and firm skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For ultimate customization, choose your area of focus: 

  • **eyes


**neck and décolleté

Outer Peace Acne Relief Facial Treatment- $100

A botanical approach to treating acne- personalized with professional exfoliation, that utilizes Aveda's Outer Peace system. This treatment is powered in part by 100% naturally derived salicylic acid.

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