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Hair Waxing Services

Professional Waxing Services at The Bodhi Tree Salon & Spa offer a variety of treatments and aesthetic procedures. Our estheticians have extensive training in waxing and body hair removal services, and are very dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you.

Our goal is to provide you with

safe, gentle, and confidential service.

Bikini Waxing

(Only offered for women)

Bikini - $48

During this waxing, the hair outside the panty line will be removed. This waxing is perfect for your first time or great to just clean up the area.

Modified Bikini - $63

This waxing will include the regular bikini waxing, plus the removal of hair in the back.

Brazilian -$78

The Brazilian wax will have all hair removed from the bikini line, from the front and all the way to the back. Sometimes a small landing strip, triangle, square, or rectangle is left in the front. This is a great option if you wear a thong or if you prefer to be completely hairless in the front and back. 

Face Waxing

**Brows - $17

**Lips - $17

**Chin - $17

**Neck - $17

**Nose - $17

**Lip & Chin - $27

**Lip & Brows - $27

**Full Face -$48

Body Waxing

**Full Arms - $43

**Half Arms - $23

**Underarms - $22

**Full Legs - $73

**Half Legs - $48

**Chest - $63

**Back - $73

**Stomach - $37

**Allow 24 hours before entering pool or hot tub.

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